Get EDGEucated

The Groove EDGEucation Teacher Resources have gone DIGITAL!!

Join an online community of teachers and educators into creating innovative and engaging classroom experiences for their students!

Library Includes:
– Loads of kinesthetic lessons and activities for various grades and subjects like numeracy, literacy, Phys Ed, Kindergarten, Dance, with more lessons and subjects being added each year.
– Lesson/Activity PDFs
– Video Tutorials
– Downloadable Music
– Online community discussion/support.

Package Info:
Packages available for Elementary Generalists (includes Numeracy, Literacy, Dance Curriculum, and DPA/Brain Breaks) or a subject specific package (access to content specific to that subject).

Individual Teacher Packages:
Individual teachers may purchase a package directly from the library site for their use only. We ask that Individual packages are not shares with other teachers.

Please contact us for a school membership if you want multiple teachers to have access.


School and School Board/District Packages:
For multiple teacher, school-wide or board/district-wide use please contact us to discuss your needs.

Workshops and Trainings are also available with your school/board membership.

To visit the Online Library and browse an overview of available content  CLICK HERE.
Please CONTACT US to get the ball rolling for school and school board/district multi-user memberships.

Trainings & Workshops

For School Boards/Districts (In-services for resources)
Engaging, hands-on, capacity building training are available on the general GROOVE approach or for each of our individual resources. Participants will experience and learn The Groove EDGEucation Framework, pedagogical approach to facilitation, holistic benefits, curriculum connections and implementation of the specific resource, feeling confident to successfully deliver it in their classroom. Trainings range from 2-3hrs depending on the resource and size of group.

See descriptions for each resource in our store below, and let us know your needs for workshop and resource pricing.
(only individual purchase resource pricing is listed below, prices are different with training. Please inquire separately.)

For Community (ECE/Early Years Centres, City Youth Workers, YMCAs, Etc..)
Participants will participate a similar experience as above, though depending on the demographic your staff will be working with, we will provide adapted training material to suit your needs if one of our school resources are not appropriate

Upcoming Conference Presentations 

Since our work is dedicated to the theoretical and practical engagement of the entire self in education, we have extensive speaking experience presenting on Physical, Cognitive, Social Emotional realms with valuable applications across multiple professional subject matter areas including Physical Literacy, Academics (math, literacy) Social/Emotional Learning, Early Years, Holistic Education, Arts, or Leadership. Conference participants are exposed to the theory behind the approach but also get to experience first hand the power of integrating the body, brain and being while up on their feet, moving with their own community. We customize a unique and memorable keynote that creates rich and powerful experiences for all audiences.

Here's where we'll be presenting the school year..

- Ontario Physical Literacy Summit - September 1st 2016, Hamilton

- Variety Village - Governor Games - October 21st 2016, Toronto

- TAPHE - October 27th-28th, Nova Scotia

- Boost Your ConFITence HDSB - October 27th 2016, Milton

- EDIFIDE Educators Convention - October 28th 2016, Ancaster

- Ontario Student Leadership Conference - November 13th-15th, Niagara Falls

- Quinte St Lawrence Mathematics Association  - November 15th, Loyalist College

- QUEST - York Region Elementary Teachers - November 16th - 18th, Aurora

- Early Learning Children's Conference - November 19th, Conestoga College

- Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers - November 24th-25th, Montreal

- Association of Physical Educators of Quebec - Dec 2nd 2016, Montreal

- HWDSB Principals Conference - January 26th-27th 2017, Hamilton

- West's Best Conference, SHAPE - February 4th 2017, Seatle

- Ontario Parks and Recreation - February 16th 2017, Toronto

- SHAPE America - March 14th-18th 2017, Boston

- New York City Schools Social/Emotional Learning Conference - March 24th 2017

- PRO Forum - March 29th 2017, Deerhurst

- International Physical Literacy Convention - April 12th - 15th 2017, Toronto

- Equity and Inclusion Symposium SCDSB - April 25th 2017, Simcoe County

- CIRA/OASPHE - April 27th-29th 2017, Orillia

- HOBY Leadership, 3 day Seminar May 6th 2017, Ridgetown

- Eastern Ontario Student Leadership Conference - May 7th-8th, Kingston

- Ontario Association of Math Educators - May 11th-13th 2017, Kingston

- Festival of Trees Literacy Celebration - May 17th-19th 2017, Toronto

- Canadian Association of Principals - May 23rd - 26th, Saskatoon



Bachelor of Education & Additional Qualification Courses

We’d love to present a 60-75min workshop introducing participants to The Groove EDGEucation Framework, and pedagogical approach to facilitation. First we will experience the approach, then discuss the holistic health benefits, curriculum connections and implementation in the classroom. A specific resource will not be taught though take home material is provided.