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Developed by a team of passionate educators, The Groove EDGEucation is a Movement-Based approach to teaching where students learn through equal engagement of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional self. From here on we’ll call it the BODY, BRAIN & BEING! The approach can be implemented by all teachers in multiple subject areas using our kinesthetic lessons and activities, or we (the EDGEucators) can come in for an engaging community building experience/assembly for your school or audience.

Engage the BODY, BRAIN & BEING!

The PEDAGOGY - All about The Groove Approach and how it works

All of our lessons, activities, workshops, and assemblies are based on this approach. Confused? We know, it’s a lot to take in all at once. View slideshow below for a breakdown of how it works.

HOW We Can Support You

The Groove Experience: Interactive Assemblies

Have one of our EDGEucators use The Groove Approach to facilitate an engaging, interactive assembly that builds a positive sense of self and school community with the Body, Brain and Being!

Experiences available for all student K-Grade 12, for special events and team builders. Pretty much, give us a group of people and we’ll create the best experience to suit your needs!

Click Here for more info and next steps to booking an experience

Teacher EDGEucation and Resources:

Join an online community of teachers and educators into creating innovative and engaging classroom experiences for their students!

The Get EDGEucated Online Resource Library has loads of kinesthetic lessons and activities for various subjects like numeracy, literacy, Phys Ed, Kindergarten, Dance, with more lessons and subjects being added each year.

  • Annual memberships available for individual teachers, schools, and school boards/district.
  • Includes lesson PDFs, Video Tutorials, Downloadable Music and online community discussion/support.

Teacher PD and workshops are available as well for your school, board/district, B.Ed Programs and AQ courses.

Click Here to visit the online library or go to our Teacher EDGEucation page for more info

Community Friends and Supporters

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