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WHY  &  WHO we are

We are a group of passionate teachers, educators and motivators on a mission! Our goal is to infuse holistic, kinesthetic and experiential learning practices into ALL areas of education by engaging what we call the BODY, BRAIN & BEING as we learn develop and grow.

WHAT we do

How about we start with what we don’t do? We do not teach HOW to dance...We use dance and music as a Tool that supports learning and develops physical, mental, social and emotional health. Think of it as a safe and structured dance party that has incredible health, learning and community building benefits for all audiences.

HOW we do it

We deliver engaging, and inclusive assembly style GROOVE experiences in school and community settings. During these positive community builders, participants are not only active, but engaged creatively, interacting socially and learning about the deeper messages behind The GROOVE.

Wanting our approach to be sustainable, we also create resource material to allow teachers/educators to incorporate The GROOVE approach into different areas of their teaching while remaining aligned with various curriculum expectations.

Engage the BODY, BRAIN & BEING!

The Framework

We've broken The GROOVE down into this framework rooted in engaging the BODY, BRAIN and BEING Click below to go to full interactive version and learn more about each area...It's pretty "S.I.C.K!"

The GROOVE Experience

Get GROOVED by one (or a few) of our EDGEucators. This is an inclusive and engaging community building experience adaptable for all ages and demographics. We provide different options for K-12 students, post secondary, families, and community events. Try just “The GROOVE” or add an “EDGE” to include encouraging speaking and discussion portions about the underlying messages appropriate for each audience. Pretty much, give us a group of people and we’ll create best experience for you!

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Elementary School Experiances

Suitable for ALL students K-8

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Secondary School Experiances

Individual Classes, Grade Assemblies, SHSM, Link Crews...
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Community and Events

Any group or community event outside the regular school day
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Get EDGEucated

To ensure sustainability, we create and provide a number of different capacity building trainings, and resource material for both school teachers and community workers. Resources are curriculum aligned and use an inclusive, and inquiry based approach to kinesthetically develop, explore and support skills from different curriculum areas...all while being active, creative and building confidence & community in the classroom.

Bring the curriculum to life with the BODY, BRAIN and BEING!

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Community Friends and Supporters

We are proud to working with school boards across Canada and supporting these other great organizations.
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